Centrepoint Alliance

Who are Centrepoint Alliance? 

Centrepoint Alliance Limited is one of the largest non-institutionally-owned financial services organisations in Australia and is listed on the ASX.Operating across the country, they specialise in the provision of financial advice, the financing of insurance premiums and the provision and distribution of a range of investment products and services.

Where they were

Centrepoint Alliance initially engaged First Focus to provide help desk and field support services for their end users. At the time, much of their server and storage infrastructure was hosted in the cloud facilities of a third party telecommunications company.

Due to the quality of user support services that werebeing provided to Centrepoint and due to a range of problems they were experiencing in their previous Cloud environment, First Focus engineers were engaged by Centrepoint to assist in addressing a number of on-going issues.

“From the outset we received excellent service from First Focus”, says Johan Steyn, Chief Operating Officer of Centrepoint. In the end, the 3rd party Telco’s inflexibility and poor performance of their multi-tenanted systems led Centrepoint to ask First Focus for a long term solution.

What we did

We designed and implemented a custom Smart Cloud solution for Centrepoint. Because our Smart Cloud is modular it was easy for us to allocate sufficient dedicated physical servers and SAN nodes to host Centrepoint’s environment and guarantee performance.

“The skill and understanding displayed by First Focus have convinced us to entrust them to host and manage our entire environment” says Johan.

Dedicated MPLS links were the next step, followed by a comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution.

Centrepoint Alliance utilises critical business applications that require constant access, regardless of time and location, and First Focus successfully migrated their data into our Smart Cloud without them experiencing any downtime or issues.

The results

Our dedicated modular Smart Cloud significantly out-performs their previous cloud solution and there has been an immediate improvement in application performance and stability.

Johan says, “Since such a seamless transition from our previous provider, we have not looked back.”

First Focus now manages the complete infrastructure solution for CentrePoint; spanning Managed network, Smart cloud and comprehensive end user support.

“Their initial support to us was limited to Desktop support and ad-hoc consultancy – today, they have successfully managed the transfer of our existing infrastructure to a hosted environment”. Says Johan.

If your move to cloud infrastructure has not given you the benefits you expected, Talk to First Focus about our Smart Cloud; better technology, better support and better end user outcomes.