Our History

First Focus was founded in 2003 as one of the first true managed service providers in Australia delivering unlimited support and data centre hosted infrastructure-as-a-service plans to small business.



We grew rapidly, largely through word of mouth, to support about 30 businesses and 1000 end users in Sydney and Melbourne. Our early success was due to our value-driven and results-oriented approach; we did whatever it took to get the job done, and we were smart about the technology we recommended to save our customers money.


Then in 2005 First Focus gained our first of many “Enterprise” customers – delivering support to the 1,500 Australian staff of a multinational in the oil and gas industry. This customer was sick of the inflexibility and lack of responsiveness of the traditional large IT outsourcers, and was referred to First Focus by one of our clients. They took a risk by going with a small provider and we repaid it by delivering a huge increase in end user satisfaction, at a significantly lower price point.

We’d proven that we could deliver better service and better pricing than some of the largest and best known IT companies in Australia.


This event was the catalyst for us to overhaul First Focus from the ground up. Every system and every process was refined and tested against our new philosophy of bringing enterprise quality with small business responsiveness.

  • We implemented ITIL methodologies.
  • We invested in the best available IT monitoring and management systems
  • We became an ISP, bringing MPLS networking in-house to guarantee quality
  • We recruited experienced support and management staff
  • We upgraded our ticketing system to support our processes and add flexibility
  • We allocated full time staff to ongoing process improvement roles
  • We rebuilt our Smart Cloud hosting platform from scratch (twice!)
  • We implemented an effective partner certification program for regional support


The results have been exceptional, and First Focus has become established as a leading alternative to large outsourcing providers. We now support over 10,000 end users across over 100 clients.

We specialise in delivering comprehensive support solutions to organisations with 20-500 seats, where a flexible responsive approach is paramount.

Our clients now benefit from outstanding service levels and a can-do approach, backed by enterprise level infrastructure and mature quality management processes.