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12 Jun 2018

First Focus recognised as the initial Managed Service Provider to receive the ACS Trust Mark

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) have launched their new Trust Mark program, which is designed to provide an independent quality assurance over the internal procedures and controls of IT service providers.

First Focus are excited to be the first IT Managed Service Provider to have met the accreditation benchmark.

“Recognition under the scheme represents an independent assurance that these organisations have implemented and maintained appropriate customer interfaces, competence, project management and document control as part of their commitment to understanding and meeting the service requirements of their customers,” said ACS Director of Workforce Planning & Development, Louise Smith.

Phil Barton, Head of Client Services at First Focus, spoke about the shared values the Trust Mark represents.

“The Trust Mark accreditation provides an important validation of the best practice systems and processes we have developed, as we strive to make a difference for clients through better using IT. We believe the Trust Mark will come to represent high quality organisations in our industry that Australian businesses can confidently partner with. The Trust Mark demonstrates our focus on creating repeatable management systems that are baked into the business. For customers, it’s all about how we apply our knowledge in a consistent, responsive process.”

First Focus encourages like-minded IT service providers to test themselves against the required standard and to be recognised as a quality leader.