Rollouts and Upgrades

Technical change within an organisation can bring great benefits when properly designed and well delivered, or it can be a disaster if the implementation goes awry or if the technology does not meet user requirements.

Large scale rollouts are all about combining planning, people and technology, and then communicating effectively throughout the process.

First Focus has years of experience in performing successful large-scale IT rollouts and upgrades, and we have the capability and the expertise to perform even the largest and most complex rollouts.

Our Facilities

imaging centre Mass Imaging
First Focus has the capacity to image and store up to 1000 workstations at a time in image batches. We can deploy your provided image (SCCM, Acronis, Ghost etc), or create an image for you to fit your requirements. We’ll also handle DoAs and perform soak testing.

Advanced Imaging
Our imaging environment can be joined to your domain via our MPLS network core with a dedicated router or VPN connection. This allows us to deploy any software or perform any configuration you’d be able to do on-site in your office. We can also deploy virtual SCCM branch servers or Acronis image repositories into our imaging environment to give you complete flexibility in the imaging process.

Refurbishing and Disposal
If you’re adding hardware (upgrading disk or RAM to each desktop) this is no problem and likewise we can perform asset tracking and desktop cleaning. We also have disposal experts who can perform a variety of disk wiping services if required.

Warehousing and Logistics
With offices and storage facilities in all multiple cities across Australia and New Zealand, First Focus can assist with all your staging and shipping needs. We can also liaise directly with a variety of hardware vendors and our network of partners to effectively manage the deployment process.

National Coverage
Our field support team can provide on-site deployment services to over 100 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. This is ideal for large multi-site rollouts. Post installation support is also available at all locations for any amount of time on a full time or dispatch basis to any site.

Our Staff
First Focus has some of the best project managers, deployment technicians, imaging experts, help desk staff and IT trainers available to tackle your next deployment project.

Our Expertise

First Focus understands that a successful deployment project depends on much more than the technology. While we have considerable experience in the technical tools, our expertise also extends well beyond the services you’d expect from a traditional IT provider.


Requirements and Design
Starting with comprehensive user requirements gathering, we audit your user base to define their application and technology requirements. This feeds into the design of the overall solution including the correct selection and allocation of hardware, and the purchase of appropriate software licenses.

SOE Definition
We will correctly define your SOE using best practise techniques to minimise the risk of driver compatibility issues, minimise the long term support and maintenance costs and provide the most stable platform for users to operate.


Application Packaging
Correctly packaging and deploying applications on demand can be a far more efficient and effective approach than bundling applications within the SOE. First Focus can manage or assist with this process.

Planning and Coordination
Effective communication is very important when organising deployments across large groups of staff. Our project managers understand how to perform deployments in a way thatresults in successful outcomesthrough appropriate use of small pilot groups, structured feedback, and flexible scheduling with contingency allowances.

Low-Disruption deployment
We understand the importance of end-user buy in and we understand how achieve this through minimising any disruption caused by new technology. We can perform the majority of the disruptive work out of normal hours, and we can eliminate data loss through effective profile and data migration, combined with intelligent scheduling to provide rollback points.

Contact First Focus to discuss how we can assist with your next rollout project.