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First Direct Solutions (FDS) is a division of Australia Post who provide data mining services for organisations throughout Australia. Their leading data and insights capability gives businesses access to extensive fact-based address, movers and lifestyle profile databases.

This assists businesses to engage with and effectively target customers based on who they are, where they are and what they are doing.

Where they were

Prior to moving to the First Focus Cloud, the IT team at FDS had hosted their server and storage infrastructure in-house. They were working with dated physical servers which were consistently at capacity and lacked the flexibility and adaptability they needed to meet their business requirements.

FDS was seeking a Private Cloud provider to house their server and storage infrastructure in a manner consistent with the stringent security requirements of Australia Post, whilst also offering the flexibility of a custom solution and the scalability of the cloud.

What we did

FDS chose First Focus to manage its IT infrastructure due to the innovative and flexible data centre options we provide, as Chen Chen, the IT Infrastructure Manager explains.

As a division of Australia Post we must maintain a high level of security to protect customer data and the First Focus’ managed network and firewalls provide us with this.

After evaluating FDS’ requirements, it was apparent that a completely cloud-based solution would not have been suitable. So we started by virtualising existing servers and delivering a hybrid cloud solution that met their needs. Several servers remained housed in their office under First Focus’ management, with off-site replication to a data centre for Disaster Recovery, combined with a dedicated managed firewalling solution.

This new infrastructure model has allowed FDS to concentrate on the crucial aspects of their business and eliminated the previous problems around capacity planning, whilst First Focus provides a comprehensive support and maintenance solution.

The Results

Since the initial projects, First Focus has been engaged to perform several projects for Australia Post including LAN infrastructure upgrades, delivery of managed WAN services and hosting of additional Cloud Servers.

First Direct Solutions appreciate the relationship they have with their Technical Account Manager and the ability to have a single point of contact who is proficient with the environment they work with.

Chen explains the importance of the First Focus solution to FDS.

The level of support they provide for our cloud infrastructure is second to none, which is crucial to the continued day-to-day operations of our business. First Direct Solutions would be happy to recommend First Focus to any business requiring a customised IT solution.

Our Smart Cloud solutions deliver enterprise-level security reliability and performance, yet with the flexibility and agility needed by smaller organisations. Talk to us about making the smarter cloud choice today.


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