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Does your IT infrastructure support aged care services?

Aged care providers need managed IT systems that support their services, not get in the way.

Aged care providers must balance service outcomes against IT costs, all while supporting some of our community’s most vulnerable members. The right mix of aged care IT planning, support, and maintenance can make a massive difference in service delivery while easing infrastructure planning and maintenance burdens.

First Focus is Australia's #1 managed service provider.

Results-driven IT.

First Focus is dedicated to excellence in the aged care IT sector.
We provide access to over 200 professional IT experts across Australia, including 24/7 help desk support, technical account management, roaming site technicians, and vCIO services.

Discover the benefits of 24/7 IT support for aged care.

Get a professional IT help desk for all your aged care locations.
IT Support for aged care providers

IT is an integral part of any modern organisation, touching everything from internal communications and payroll to industry-specific technologies. A full range of specialised IT support can help ensure that you can focus on delivering aged care services without worrying about IT. First Focus offers month-to-month plans, with 24-hour IT support desks, on-site maintenance, remote support services, and multiple service levels. Programs are available as managed services or as a co-managed package, letting you choose a service delivery that’s right for you. First Focus can also provide additional IT staff on an as-needed basis to supplement your IT capacity.

Enable better networking with managed IT connectivity.

Connect your users wherever they are while controlling costs.
IT Connectivity Services for Aged Care Providers

Wi-Fi has been a game-changer across many industries, and aged care is no exception. But a modern IT environment means enabling staff and users to access network connections both on-site and remotely. In some cases, that means rolling out new network connections using mobile data, MPLS technologies, or SD-WAN systems to enhance priority access and avoid bottlenecks. With First Focus, we make sure your network solutions deliver the right mix of connectivity and cost, with the support you need to keep the data flowing.

Protect your digital assets from potential data breaches.

Get expert assistance with professional cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity for Aged Care providers

The aged care sector is a tempting targets for cybercriminals, given that it has access to a wide range of contact databases, resident information, and invoicing details. Successful service provision relies on collecting and storing these details for verified users while protecting them from unauthorised access. First Focus can help secure your aged care IT infrastructure, offering a depth of experience in making sure you reach specific IT compliance requirements. Our experienced cybersecurity team works with you to identify gaps in your current security position, plan and roll out any upgrades, and manage ongoing improvements.

Enhance productivity with managed cloud services.

Help your users access critical apps wherever they are.
IT Support for Construction Projects

While the technology behind cloud computing can feel far-fetched, the outcomes for aged care providers are the real deal. Whether you want to help staff access apps and data while out of the office or want to manage access securely from a central location, First Focus can help. We’ve been providing Managed Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service for over a decade, working with public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions. Best of all, we’re responsible for customer satisfaction and provide unlimited support. So we thoroughly vet any solutions before we recommend them.

Give your users the best equipment.

End-user computing that doesn’t break the budget.
EUC for aged care services

A supervised approach to managing end-user devices does more than just control costs. A modern IT environment means enabling staff and user access on a range of devices. With First Focus, we make sure your device selection is up to date, leveraging our buying power to ensure you have the latest equipment while keeping costs down. We can also design and deploy a range of operating environments that keeps your users fully connected while giving you a centralised point for system management.

Advance your aged care services with professionally managed IT solutions.

Top IT Actions for Aged Care Providers

Get the best in aged care IT solutions.

Aged care providers have a duty of care to their residents. And while every residence is different, the levels of care should remain high and consistent. The same goes for the IT solutions used in aged care. First Focus works hard to ensure your IT services match these demands for consistency and flexibility, with agile technology and support packages that can scale as needs change.

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