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Is your IT infrastructure built for the long-term?

Construction companies know that the value they build for clients and stakeholders relies on a foundation of solid business decisions.

When it comes to technology, an agile, scalable IT environment means responding to client projects quickly and securely while protecting confidential information and digital assets. The right mix of ICT infrastructure and support also lets employees use technology to make everyday operations easier – no matter if they’re in the office or on-site.

First Focus is Australia's #1 managed service provider.

Build with the best in IT.

First Focus offers a wealth of IT experience in the construction industry.

We offer access to over 200 professional IT experts located across Australia, including 24/7 help desk support, technical account management, roaming site technicians and vCIO services.

24/7 IT help desk supports construction IT services.

Build better workflows with proven support.

Technology is great when it works. Whether you outsource IT or prefer a co-managed approach, a full range of IT assistance can give your construction projects the support they need to keep ahead of schedule. With month-to-month plans available, discover the difference that dedicated IT help desks, on-site visits, and remote support services can make to your ICT infrastructure.

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Streamline collaboration with managed EUC solutions.

Simplify device management while controlling access and security.

Construction projects have many moving parts and keeping project staff fully connected and able to collaborate – whether they’re on-site, in the office, or meeting with clients – makes a big difference. End-user computing (EUC) solutions support staff by providing the best equipment backed by reliable mobile data connections and comprehensive remote access solutions. Whether you choose to deploy a standard operating environment across all end-users, or an agile solution involving Microsoft Azure, it pays to make sure staff have the flexible access they need while controlling licencing, accessibility and remote security.

Protect your projects with business continuity solutions.

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Cover your bases with professional disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

IT now touches on almost every part of a construction project, from planning and design to invoicing and communications. These solutions make a big difference in project delivery, but even a minor failure can result in a considerable amount of lost productivity and revenue. Certain events are always beyond your control – from natural disasters and power outage to cyber-sabotage but can still have a devastating effect on your construction company. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning from a Virtual CIO (vCIO) can do more than keep the lights on, with business risk assessments and processes that help minimise potential impacts on high-priority systems. With proper training and support, your construction company will be able to recover and get back to business as usual in as little as 24 hours.

Enforce cyber security in the construction industry.

Secure your on-site and remote IT systems.

Construction businesses often hold the keys to a range of sensitive client and industry details, including contact details and invoice information. This valuable data makes them an obvious target for cybercriminal activities. Ensure you have the right tools and processes in place with a managed cybersecurity plan that ensures your data is protected and accessible only by verified personnel. So you can work with the largest clients in the country.

Enable innovation with digital transformation in the construction industry.

Build flexible and scalable IT solutions into construction project delivery.

Modern construction projects rely on fast, secure access to business apps, both on-site and in the office. Any delays can affect project delivery, increase project costs, and damage a business’s reputation. Secure cloud deployments can help simplify a vast range of processes by delivering task-centric apps to the people that need them – removing the need for repeated trips back to the office for clarifications. A managed cloud solution can also let construction firms build, test, and deploy innovative solutions without needing to purchase additional hardware.

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Building better construction IT services.

Top IT Actions for Construction Services

The right tools for the job.

Each construction project has unique requirements. And it’s the same for construction IT services, with technology and support stack requirements changing from project to project. This uniqueness makes a partnership approach to IT a valuable option. At First Focus, our professional IT support teams work with you to find the right mix of hardware, software, and expert support that matches your project needs.

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