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Does your non-profit IT support fit your mission?

Your non-profit organisation deserves IT that works with you. 

Non-profits face several common challenges. These include strong incentives to report on customer service outcomes, react quickly to changing circumstances, and control service delivery costs. All while supporting staff and stakeholders across multiple touch-points. The right mix of non-profit IT planning, support, and maintenance can make a massive difference in service outcomes while easing infrastructure planning and maintenance burdens.

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First Focus delivers decades of experience in the NFP IT sector.
We offer access to over 200 professional IT experts located across Australia, including 24/7 help desk support, technical account management, roaming site technicians, and vCIO services.

IT Support for Non-profit Organisations

24/7 IT help desk supports non-profit IT services.

Get professional IT support for your NFP staff.

IT is an integral part of any modern NFP, enabling various activities from organising contacts through to managing projects. A full range of IT assistance can give your non-profit projects the support they need to get results. First Focus offers month-to-month plans, with professional IT help desks, on-site visits, and remote support services available as managed services or in a co-managed capacity. First Focus can also provide additional IT staff to supplement your internal IT capacity. In this way, First Focus can give your non-profit organisation IT support that’s tailored to your staffing models and technology requirements.

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Device management made simple.

End-user computing promotes efficiency and security.

Enterprises and non-profits alike have realised the benefits of a controlled approach to managing end-user devices. A modern IT environment means enabling staff and volunteers to work anywhere, on a range of devices, while controlling costs. With First Focus, we make sure your device selection is up to date and connected. We can roll out a range of operating environments that keep your staff fully engaged while saving you time and money.

Find cybersecurity solutions that fit your culture.

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Strengthen your digital security to protect valuable non-profit data.

Non-profit organisations make tempting targets for cybercriminal activities. Contact databases, membership lists, and donor information all require expert security. First Focus can help secure your non-profit data and make sure you reach specific IT compliance requirements. Our expert team of cybersecurity professionals work with you to outline your current security position, roll out improvements, and perform regular updates.

Enable productivity with managed cloud services.

Enhance the capacity of your non-profit at every location.

While cloud computing feels like a buzzword, the results for non-profits are genuine. Whether you’re interested in enabling staff access to apps and data or want to use remote compute resources to gain business intelligence insights, First Focus can help. We’ve been providing Managed Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service for over a decade, working with public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions. Our vendor-agnostic approach means we work with all major providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Best of all, we’re responsible for customer satisfaction and provide unlimited support – so we only recommend solutions that work for you.

Nonprofit IT consulting that matches your budget.

Get expert ICT planning from a vCIO.

The world of non-profit organisations can be competitive and successful NFPs are the ones that make the most of their budget. When it comes to ICT planning, it pays to get professional insights. While a chief information officer (CIO) may be outside the needs or budgets of all but the largest non-profits, a virtual CIO (vCIO) can deliver the same results without hiring additional staff. Our experienced professionals offer strategic IT planning and consulting designed around your needs. So you can identify IT opportunities that help your organisation run more efficiently, with solutions that meet your proposal processes and IT budget cycles.

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Growing better NFP IT services.

Top IT Actions for Non-profit Organisations

Support your projects with the best in non-profit IT.

Every non-profit organisation is different. And each project they undertake has unique requirements. Non-profit IT services should match this flexibility with agile technology and support packages that can scale from project to project. Partnering with a managed service provider like First Focus ensures your NFP has the right mix of hardware, software, access, and support to meet your organisational objectives.

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