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On-premises PBX – when reliability matters most

On-prem phone and UC solutions are the systems of choice when telephony is business-critical. While cloud-based solutions dominate much of the attention today, they can’t claim to provide the 99.9999% uptime that premium on-premises systems can.

Which Mitel On-Premises Phone System is right for you?

MiVoice Business

MiVoice Business is Mitel’s premium on-prem solution. It’s ideal for businesses and government agencies with large single- or multi-site structures.

Functionality for complex call routing, collaboration and presence are typically essential requirements, delivered via a standard system across the entire organisation, as is an advanced Contact Centre offering.

MiVoice Connect

MiVoice Connect is Mitel’s solution for organisations that need the reliability of on-premises telephony but without the more advanced requirements provided by MiVoice Business.

For many smaller businesses, telephony remains the primary communications method they can’t be without. For example, a reliable phone system in a Medical Centre is essential for both the organisation and its customers.

Cheerful call center operators during working process

Connectivity and real-time presence

Many cloud-based solutions don’t give you real-time presence monitoring. Mitel’s on-premises solutions answer the needs of modern work environments where clients and staff require prompt and accurate responses in real-time.

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Reliable, autonomous solutions

On-premises solutions don’t rely purely on cloud links for their call control functions. For example, if a data link fails, the systems will continue to function either as a complete system with external trunks or as a basic intercom system. This reliability is vital to sectors such as Hospitals, where redundancy is critical.

Advanced administration control

Mitel solutions have a full feature-rich range of customer administration controls. The staff at First Focus are experts in these tools and offer an ideal support combination for any large organisation with in-house technical teams.