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Is SD-WAN Right for You?

SD-WAN solutions can offer improvements over traditional WAN offerings in the right circumstances.

SD-WAN Benefits


Reduce the need for multiple network devices and seamlessly combine WAN technologies.

Performance optimisation

Application profiling allows network traffic to be more easily prioritised down to individual application across all locations. Some devices allow traffic to overflow to other WAN links, making use of all available bandwidth.

Cost savings

Depending on the connectivity at each location, SD-WAN can use less expensive internet connections and add bandwidth compression to offer more value than MPLS.


By combining cheaper internet links (potentially in combination with MPLS), SD-WAN can also provide improved failover between different connections including fibre, NBN, copper, and 4G.

Not all SD-WANs are equal

Vendors have approached SD-WAN differently. Some are a development of traditional firewalls (Meraki, Fortinet), whereas Cato Networks is essentially a multi-tenanted global WAN which each site connects to. Knowing which SD-WAN is best suited for your connectivity needs is critical.


Get the Right Advice with SD-WAN

First Focus monitor one the largest SD-WANs in the APAC region, so we have the expertise to guide you on the right solution for all your WAN needs.

Ready for SD-WAN?