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Education, Assessment & Action

First Focus has partnered with the Australian Federal Government’s Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect initiative to improve the cyber security awareness and capabilities of SMEs.

The 3-stage program starts by educating business owners, key executives and senior managers. Next it provides cyber security assessments, followed by tailored staff training and expert advice.

Leadership Team Education Sessions

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Raising the awareness of cyber security risks and promoting actions to address them is the foundation of the Cyber Security Business Connect & Protect program.

The first stage is an education session that answers the common questions a business leader might have about cyber security. The session touches on the changing nature of cybercrime, reveals how cyber-criminals operate, examines actionable frameworks to mitigate these risks, and provides a hands-on introduction to best-practice cyber security.


Assessment Frameworks and Reviews


There are two frameworks that are explored which can be used to benchmark your organisation’s security profile against best practice through a cyber security assessment.


  • The Essential Eight is being mandated for Federal Government departments, and it is fast becoming a standard for anyone who does business with government organisations.
  • The NIST framework is an industry-led set of guidelines, best practices, methodologies, procedures and processes. It is based on five functions – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

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Expert Action and Tailored Training

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The final stage of the Cyber Security Business Connect and Protect program is about promoting action through tailored staff education and expert advice.

Receive prioritised improvement actions for your organisation to address and staff education programs to broaden training beyond the management team, transfer skills and knowledge to all IT users.


  • Remediation consulting or project works based on assessment findings.
  • Organisation-wide training or group sessions for Security Training and/or Phishing Test and Training.

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