Smart Cloud

A tailored, flexible private business smart cloud solution for the same price as public cloud? That’s First Focus’ Smart Cloud.Our Smart Cloud is the region’s best private cloud solution for small and midmarket organisations based on customer outcomes and value.

We have been providing Cloud, hosted and on-premise “Infrastructure-as-a-Service” managed services to mid sized businesses for more than 10 years and we lead the market within Australia with our support, expertise and technology.

Our Smart Cloud solutions are all about accountability; we don’t just give you a bunch of infrastructure that meets an SLA, we deliver the whole package, and we make sure it does what you need.

By using best-practise cloud provisioning software and hardware, we currently deliver custom-built private and hybrid cloud solutions, at the same price points as multi-tenanted public cloud offerings and yet without the public cloud’s disadvantages, all with access to comprehensive help desk and on-site support options.


Smart Cloud Advantages

The greatest advantage of our Smart Cloud lies in our history as a managed services provider. First Focus has traditionally provided end-to-end infrastructure solutions that span end-user help desk, application support, server and storage, telephony, disaster recovery and more. This means we understand end user frustrations and requirements. We understand applications. We know how to balance your IT investment to deliver the greatest value.

Smarter Support

Our support methodology is not all about meeting the SLA. It’s about real world end-user outcomes. This is a huge difference to many large hosting providers who only care about whether your cloud server is technically “up”.

  • You’re assigned a Technical Account Manager (TAM) who understands your configuration, and who will help with any IT issue.
  • We’ll help design your solution and be accountable for it meeting your needs.
  • Our design services span the full range of IT infrastructure and are not limited to the data centre.
  • All our Smart Cloud solutions can be accompanied by comprehensive remote and on-site support packages

Smarter technology

Our Smart Cloud is built with small, flexible, server and storage modules that are joined and configured to meet your requirements on-demand. This provides a much lower level of contention than multi-tenanted systems and a greater ability to customise

  • We are less reliant on, and less constrained by, large and inherently complex multi-tenanted SAN and networking systems.
  • We can provide each customer with access to Virtualisation management consoles that are unavailable from a public cloud.
  • We can directly interconnect our SmartCloud components with your own infrastructure, PABX or any other DC infrastructure.
  • We provide comprehensive and customisable monitoring, alerts and thresholds, at the application level; not just the Server level.
  • We provide flexible LAN addressing, operating systems and Virtual Host configuration.
  • We can cater for your preferred choice of backup or replication software, maximising any existing investment you’ve made in IT.

Smarter Performance

As an MPLS network service provider, we will normally connect your office to our smart Cloud with a point to point network link, providing complete control and direct access to your Smart Cloud infrastructure. Our modular cloud components also have much lower contention levels than those available from public cloud providers, meaning an overall vastly superior solution

  • Faster network performance
  • Ability to customise Quality of Service (QoS) profiles to different requirements.
  • Improved end user application experience particularly for CloudDESKTOPs
  • Suitable managed telephony, VOIP, and unified communications
  • Centrally managed firewall and proxy for your corporate network
  • High speed effective off site backups

Smarter Solutions

Smart Cloud is an important part of our business, but First Focus is not just a Cloud infrastructure provider, we are focussed on the overall solution we are delivering to you. This solution oriented approach has guided the development of our Smart Cloud.

  • We host primarily out of four Australian data centres in Sydney and Perth. None of your data is offshore.
  • We have capacity that is instantly scalable to meet almost any new hosting requirement up to around 500 servers
  • We provide comprehensive ITIL based end-user help desk, on-site and application support options
  • We provide flexible software licensing and deployment options
  • We are experts in delivering solutions that are fully integrated across all our Cloud, Maintenance and Support services.

If you’re looking to move your infrastructure to the cloud, contact us to have a chat about designing a solution, or, plug your requirements into the calculator on the right and see how our solution stacks up.
Cloud Compute


Allocate a flexible a pool of Cloud CPU, RAM and Hard Disk resources to host your custom virtual servers. Ideal for database servers and Line of business applications.
Cloud Desktop


A simple and complete bundle of infrastructure required to deliver a full hosted desktop based on Microsoft, Citrix or VMWare VDI.
Cloud Backup


Off-site backup and replication of data to a First Focus data centre. Flexible software and network options allow use for archiving, or disaster recovery.
Cloud Extend


Extend the convenience and flexibility of the cloud into your office when you need local high speed access.
Cloud Apps


Seamlessly Integrate web applications like Salesforce, Office 365, and GoogleDocs into your private cloud or existing on-premises infrastructure.
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

We’ll write your Disaster Recovery manual and we’ll perform a complete annual Disaster Recovery simulation using our spare hardware and on-site engineers.
Managed Network

Managed Network

Leverage our network of Australian carrier partners to deploy diverse internet, and MPLS, WAN solutions backed by enterprise SLAs, Monitoring, and on-site support.
Managed Telephony

Managed Telephony

Choose from a range of Hosted and on-premise VOIP PABX and Unified communications solutions, fully integrated with your Smart Cloud.