Use the same technologies that power our Smart Cloud, to back up your servers off site to our secure Australian data centres. Our CloudBACKUP service is designed to offer a simple, effective, and reliable method of backing up your servers to the Cloud using industry leading technology.

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Our CloudBACKUP solution is based on a combination of market leading ShadowProtect and Veeam software, along with our Smart Cloud infrastructure, including CloudEXTEND on-premise storage appliances, Australian data centres, and managed private network links.

This combination of technology allows us to deliver a flexible tailored backup solution that will meet a variety of requirements, and offers a variety of recovery options when you need them most.


Shadowprotect backups of your on-premise servers can be rapidly recovered as Virtual Server images in our data centre.


  • Initially seed backup data via USB hard disk to avoid lengthy uploads
  • All backups stored in Australian data centres
  • Incremental and synthetic full backups to limit data transfers
  • Backup multiple local servers to a local CloudEXTEND “staging” appliance
  • Recover individual files or entire servers
  • Recover to USB hard disk for delivery anywhere in Australia within 24 hours
  • On-site support available to assist with recovery
  • Automatically backup SQL, Exchange and other critical applications.
  • Configurable backup scheduler to automatically take full and incremental backups of your system at intervals you specify.
  • Enjoy simplified migration to new servers or hypervisors with StorageCraft Hardwar¬e Independent Restore.
  • Mount ShadowProtect backup images as NTFS shares so you can verify data and application integrity with StorageCraft ImageReady.
  • Fully restore systems and data to a chosen past point-in-time after disaster strikes.
  • Use VirtualBoot technology for quick failover to a VM.
  • Rapidly recover from bare metal to the same system, dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments with StorageCraft Hardware Independent
  • Professional contract that guarantees delivery of your data to an office you nominate at the end of term.

Optional Extensions:

Data Archiving option
Supplement your offsite backups with annual full backups and a 7 year data retention plan. We’ll also deliver a full copy of your data to you each year at no charge if you supply us with the media.

Disaster Recovery option
If you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution, including guaranteed end-user application recovery times, on-site Support SLA and access to spare Server Hardware, check out our managed Disaster Recovery Service.

Download the datasheet for more information:

Shadow Protect Database

We believe our off-site backup solution is the best available for small to medium businesses in Australia. If you’re looking to back up 10 – 10,000 GB of server data, securely, effectively, and reliably, contact us today to see how we can make it happen.