Our Cloud COMPUTE service allows you to allocate virtual server instances, and add a flexible pool of Cloud CPU, RAM and Hard Disk resources to share across the server instances as required.

On-Demand virtual server instances. Scalable, flexible, and available as a monthly subscription

Whilst most Cloud COMPUTE instances are housed on infrastructure in our Australian Data Centres, we offer a variety of custom options for configuration.

In consultation with our engineering team we can assist with server and resource sizing, and we can install a variety of custom applications for integration with your network.


CloudCOMPUTE consists of the following elements:


  • CloudCOMPUTE hardware bundle:
    • Dell or Hewlett Packard Server Hardware
    • Latest Microsoft Windows Server Operating System
    • 1 x vCPU
    • 2GB vRAM
    • 50GB High Speed Storage
    • CloudBACKUP
  • Unlimited bandwidth within and between First Focus data centres
  • Linux, Solaris and other options available
  • Cisco Networking equipment and managed firewall service
  • EMC or Hewlett Packard SAN Hardware
  • Leading Virtualisation and Cloud Provisioning software
  • Free Kaseya Enterprise Server Systems Management Node License with configurable alerts
  • Free Solarwinds Orion SNMP Network Monitoring License with configurable alerts
  • Portal Access

Maintenance & Support

The following maintenance and support is included within each CloudDESKTOP

  • A dedicated Technical Account Manager to assist in all design, implementation, and ongoing management issues.
  • Professional custom configuration of the virtual desktop environment
  • Server monitoring and threshold alerts sent via email or SMS.
  • Unlimited 24×7 Support is included for our cloud infrastructure.
    (Note that unlimited end user support is also available under our support plans)
  • CloudBACKUP (Daily incremental and weekly full backups including system state, Exchange, and SQL)
  • Backups held for last 4 weeks at a remote data centre (up to 7 year retention options are available)
  • Backup maintenance & verification service

For customers without an in-house IT department we would recommend purchasing an end-user support package to complement your cloud infrastructure.
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The following additional components can be added to round out your cloud environment:

Additional vCPU
    – An additional Virtual 2.6Ghz CPU

Additional vRAM
      – An additional 1GB of Virtual RAM

Additional Storage:
      – High Speed Storage:

  • 1 unit of 100GB High Speed Disk
  • RAID/10 SAN Attached High IOPS SAS Storage
  • Unlimited I/O transactions
  • CloudBACKUP (Veeam powered daily Snapshots)
  • Can be allocated across any Virtual Server instance.

      – Standard Storage:

  • 1 unit of 100GB Standard Disk
  • RAID/6 SAN Attached SAS Storage
  • Unlimited I/O transactions
  • CloudBACKUP (Veeam powered daily Snapshots)

Additional Bandwidth
      – A bundle of 100GB internet bandwidth

Comprehensive Support & Maintenance
      – For comprehensive support and maintenance options, please see our support &
        maintenance section. We provide our customers with a range of cost effective

If you’re looking to move your infrastructure to the cloud, contact us to have a chat about designing a solution, or, plug your requirements into the calculator on the right and see how our solution stacks up.