A First Focus CloudDESKTOP is a monthly subscription to a simple and complete bundle of infrastructure required to deliver a fully hosted desktop, designed specifically for distributed workers and/or thin client technology.

The full MS office suite, your whole file system and all your business applications available from any device anywhere

Unlike web application solutions like Office365, a CloudDESKTOP is a full Windows desktop allowing installation of any desktop application you can install on a PC or notebook.

CloudDESKTOPs provide you with an easy way to build a cloud solution for your workforce, and of course like all of our Smart Cloud components they are fully customisable to meet your specific needs.

CloudDESKTOP consists of the following elements:


Each standard CloudDESKTOP instance includes:

  • The latest Cloud Desktop virtualisation software
  • Access to a dedicated Microsoft Windows Domain Controller
  • A Microsoft Exchange Mailbox and Web / Mobile Access
  • Barracuda Anti-Virus and Anti-SPAM filtering (Download Datasheet)
  • Desktop Anti-Virus Software
  • A bundle of CloudCOMPUTE server and storage resources sufficient to host each CloudDESKTOP
  • CloudBACKUP of all user data and settings, including the complete user profile.

Maintenance & Support

The following maintenance and support is included within each CloudDESKTOP

  • A dedicated Technical Account Manager to assist in all design, implementation, and ongoing management issues.
  • Professional custom configuration of the virtual desktop environment
  • Server monitoring and threshold alerts sent via email or SMS.
  • Unlimited 24×7 Support is included for our cloud infrastructure.
    (Note that unlimited end user support is also available under our support plans)
  • CloudBACKUP (Daily incremental and weekly full backups including system state, Exchange, and SQL)
  • Backups held for last 4 weeks at a remote data centre (up to 7 year retention options are available)
  • Backup maintenance & verification service

For customers without an in-house IT department we would recommend purchasing an end-user support package to complement your cloud infrastructure.
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Your CloudDESKTOP can be customised in a number of ways including:

High performance upgrade

Some CloudDESKTOPs may require additional CloudCOMPUTE capacity in order to run more demanding applications such as dual monitors, CAD and multimedia. First Focus’ solutions architects will evaluate your requirements and may suggest allocating additional server capacity, SAN performance or network throughput in order to meet your needs.

Advanced application delivery (VMWare View or Citrix XenDesktop)

For larger organisations (generally > 50 CloudDESKTOPS) we recommend evaluating whether to upgrade your CloudDESKTOP to use Citrix or VMWare virtual desktop technology (VDI). This can provide a number of advantages over Microsoft Remote Desktop software, particularly around delivery of the CloudDESKTOP to mobile devices.

See these whitepapers for more information:

Software licensing
Most desktop software is now available from major vendors on a subscription basis. First Focus, as an authorised Cloud software vendor, can add a full range of software into your CloudDESKTOP subscription.

Managed Networking

First Focus highly recommends adding an MPLS network to your CloudDESKTOP services in order to control and optimise network traffic between your offices and our nearest data centres. Click here.

If you’re looking to move your infrastructure to the cloud, contact us to have a chat about designing a solution, or, plug your requirements into the calculator and see how our solution stacks up.