While cloud technology has brought a range of benefits to the infrastructure of many organisations, it is not a “silver bullet”.

Cloud infrastructure delivers huge advantages in providing scalable, reliable and completely managed solutions to organisations on a subscription basis without major up-front costs, however, in many cases a traditional cloud environment can’t provide an ideal solution because by its nature cloud infrastructure is hosted in remote data centres.

This remoteness can cause problems due to a range of factors such as:

  • Poor network connectivity between an office and the hosting data centre.
  • The requirement to rapidly serve large files such as video or CAD diagrams
  • The need for low latency such as PABX systems governing calls between office workers within a building
  • The need to integrate directly with special hardware such as fax cards
  • The need for reliability not dependent on WAN links such as security systems and manufacturing control systems

Our Solution

The solution to these issues is First Focus’ CloudEXTEND. CloudEXTEND literally extends a piece of our Smart Cloud on to your premises, inside your physical office.


We simply place a small appliance in your office which uses the same software as the rest of our Smart Cloud, and which delivers all the same virtual server instances and CloudCOMPUTE resources you can access within our data centres. So long as your office has a First Focus private network, your CloudEXTEND appliance will be backed up “over the wire” and fully integrated with the rest of your Smart Cloud solution.

CloudEXTEND provides all of the advantages of the cloud with none of the disadvantages. It’s the missing piece of the Cloud puzzle.


  • You get access to Smart Cloud infrastructure, at local network speeds, delivering your staff the best possible performance.
  • CloudEXTEND appliances are owned by First Focus and available for a monthly subscription just like the rest of our Smart Cloud
  • First Focus network of Field Support Engineers will deploy, maintain and upgrade the appliance on demand as part of the service.
  • Each appliance can scale up to run approximately 16 Virtual Server instances, and 6000GB of Disk space, however you pay only for the capacity you use,
  • Appliances are low heat, low power and low noise, meaning you don’t need a traditional rack in a “server room”.

If you’re looking to move your infrastructure to the Cloud, contact us to have a chat about designing a solution, or, plug your requirements into the calculator on the right and see how our solution stacks up.