Managed Network

Reliable network connectivity is a critical foundation component for any business’ IT systems.

First Focus is a business-only ISP (Internet Service Provider) with considerable expertise in the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of complex Multi-carrier MPLS WAN solutions.

We currently deliver all of the services you’d expect from a business grade ISP, including Fibre, Ethernet, Microwave, and of course ADSL products, combined with features such as multi-carrier failover, diverse multi-homed internet pathways, and peering on the world’s largest carrier neutral network, Equinix Internet Exchange.

Our network solutions are trusted by some of Australia’s best known organisations spanning Government, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing and Health care.

Our Advantage

It may sound strange, but the greatest advantage of our managed network solutions actually lies in the fact that our core business is user support.

Because we’re accountable for end user satisfaction, and we provide a service desk that offers unlimited support, we have to design managed networks that deliver on their promise.

This means:

  • Our network management doesn’t stop at your router, we can manage every device from the datacentre to the desktop.
  • We go well above and beyond the carrier’s SLA when there’s a problem, often finding creative solutions to effectively route around a carrier fault
  • We design networks around your requirements, rather than any particular carrier or technology.
  • We build redundancy where possible (and where cost effective)
  • We use diverse carriers to limit the chances of complete outages.
  • Our solutions are fully integrated with our Smart Cloud, and our range of support and maintenance services.

Our wholesale partnerships with a selected group of carriers means we can offer a broad range of solutions, at highly competitive price points.

Our Technology

So, what does our Network look like?

  • 99.99% uptime SLAs
  • Our MPLS core spans Equinix SY1 and SY3 and Global Switch data centres.
  • Our core is built on a highly available redundant Cisco routing platform.
  • Wholesale fibre and ethernet interconnects with multiple carriers.
  • Our Internet is multi-homed via Equinix IX, AAPT, and TPG, and it’s FAST.
  • Our own IP range and AS Number, independent of upstream providers.
  • Comprehensive hosted VOIP and SIP trunking solutions available
  • Cisco Managed CPE routers with dual WAN ports and failover


What does a First Focus Managed Network include?

  • Genuine Network Management, not merely compliance with an SLA.
  • End to end QoS for voice, video, VDI, data and backup traffic.
  • 24 x 7 Network Operations Centre, backed by 24×7 on-site support.
  • Solarwinds NPM providing complete SNMP monitoring of all nodes.
  • Your own Solarwinds online portal with configurable alerts and thresholds.
  • Comprehensive Netflow statistics and reports for traffic analysis.
  • Application-aware performance monitoring and management.
  • Monitoring of WAN and LAN nodes; switches, routers, access points
  • All Cisco CPE configs backed up with full device hardware warranty.
  • 4G wireless modems installed at your site in the event of a major outage.
  • Solutions fully integrated with SmartCloud and co-location services.

Solarwinds network management

Our award winning Solarwinds NPM software continually receives diagnostic and control information from your servers, internet links, switches, routers, firewalls, and other network devices.


Solarwinds alerts are displayed on dashboards in our Network Operations Centre to instantly alert our support staff of any critical faults, and the data collected allows us to rapidly diagnose and permanently resolve even the most complex networking problems.

This system is yet another tool we use to deliver our customers with comprehensive support solutions; instantly diagnosing the root cause of complex network problems, and being able to implement proper and permanent solutions. The case study below describes how we use Solarwinds to deliver improved customer service outcomes.

Solarwinds Case Study

We believe our Managed Network solutions are the best available for small to medium businesses in Australia. If you’re looking for a single business internet link or a large multi-site MPLS network that’s fast, reliable, and cost effective, contact us today to see how we can make it happen.