First Focus Has Acquired Enee

Enee has been acquired by First Focus. As a valued customer, you will continue to receive the same excellent service and support you’ve come to expect from Enee, now backed by the broader capabilities and resources of First Focus, a national Managed Service Provider.

First Focus Has Acquired Enee
First Focus Has Acquired Enee

What does this mean for you?

Our priority is to ensure a smooth transition, so you can expect the same high-quality service you’ve enjoyed at Enee. One of the key benefits of this acquisition is the enhancement of our support services. You will have access to a larger team of IT experts, extended support hours, and enhanced access to receiving support— such as through our F-Connect support portal and live chat support through MS Teams.

With Kosta stepping into the key role of Head of Software Development, and the Enee team continuing with First Focus, we all look forward to continuing to deliver great IT outcomes for your business.

What’s next?

In due time you will be introduced to the First Focus team and the additional tools and services you will have access to. Keep an eye on your inbox for communications from the team, or check out the Latest News & Updates section of this page to stay informed about important changes.

News & Updates


Latest News & Updates

This section will be regularly updated to provide you with all the latest news, updates, and notices related to the acquisition. Stay informed about important changes, such as billing updates, service enhancements, and integration progress.


MAY 6th update – Support Emails

As of May 6th, all support emails are being sent from You will also notice that emails from the Enee team will now come from addresses. Please be assured that you can still send emails to existing Enee addresses for the time being, and they will be forwarded to the appropriate First Focus address.

MAY 6th update – Billing & Invoices

As of May 6th, all invoices are being issued by First Focus and sent from Along with this change, there will be new bank details for your payments. Please ensure you update applicable records with the new bank details provided on the invoices.

Who is First Focus?

Established in 2003, First Focus is a privately-owned company and has been named Australia’s #1 Rated Managed Service Provider 6 years running (2018-2023). With a combined team of over 300 people across Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, our expertise covers the full range of services across 24×7 IT support, security, cloud, connectivity, communications and more. Our promise to you is that we have the best people, provide expert advice, deliver a fast response, and work towards zero risk, both technically and commercially.

Get to know us

First Focus Has Acquired Enee
Our Promise

Our Promise

Best People

We hire the best people available from all over Australia, NZ and the Philippines, then provide them with ongoing structured training, along with the best tools, support, processes, and leadership.

Expert Advice

Our technical teams have considerable experience designing and supporting solutions across the full spectrum. You gain the benefit of balanced advice without any vendor bias.

Fast Response

We have invested in the best support tools and the best people in the market to deliver our clients the responsiveness they need – whether for a single ticket or an engineering project.

Zero Risk

First Focus works with clients to eliminate risks from technical infrastructure and support. Our flexible terms and guarantees remove commercial risks and our partnering approach removes employee and key-man risks.

First Focus Has Acquired Enee


Your One-of-a-Kind IT Support Portal

Our unique F-Connect support app provides multiple ways for you and your staff to access real-time, human support, including revolutionary live chat integration with Microsoft Teams. It also offers full transparency into resolution times, staff satisfaction, and monthly reporting, keeping you informed about areas where we can improve our managed IT support.

Learn more about F-Connect


Our Expertise

First Focus has provided IT services and support to Australian & New Zealand organisations for over 20 years.
This means our capabilities and expertise encompass a wide range of solutions to help your business stay on top of IT.

M365 Specialist Team

We have a dedicated Business Unit for the entire M365 suite. Our team can provide strategic consulting, solution development services, maintenance, training and support whenever you need it.

Microsoft 365 SERVICES


Managed Security Services

Our managed security services are integrated within our IT support plans to safeguard your digital landscape, ensuring no aspect of your IT is left unprotected.


Managed Cloud Services

Run the right Managed Cloud solution for your needs. Our integrated Cloud infrastructure, IT support services and Cybersecurity mean your complete IT environment is expertly managed.

Managed Cloud Services

Unified Communications

Merge your messaging, voice, and conferencing capabilities using a variety of Unified Communications solutions that enhance collaboration, whether you have 20 staff or 200 employees.

Unified Communications

IT Procurement

First Focus has a team of specialist IT procurement experts to handle your hardware, software and licensing requirements, across a multitude of vendors, including Apple, Microsoft, HP, Adobe, Veeam, Lenovo, and more.

 IT Procurement