Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Protect your business against cyber threats with our comprehensive Cyber Security Risk Assessments. Our expert team conducts in-depth evaluations to identify vulnerabilities, providing you with a tailored roadmap to fortify your digital defences.


Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

IT Security Assessment

Conduct an independent cyber security risk assessment of your IT security systems and practices to identify any risks and areas of weakness. Our managed security specialists will undertake a thorough review of your IT systems and infrastructure and provide you with a detailed action report full of recommendations and actionable priorities.

Independent Security Review

Many organisations outsource IT security reviews from their internal IT department to provide independent analysis and testing of their security environment.

As a leading MSP, First Focus has enormous first-hand experience in preventing and remediating security breaches across our 250 strong client base and 30,000 end-users.

Our NIST-based security assessment can be requested as a stand-alone Professional Service to provide clear directions for improving an organisation’s cybersecurity posture. Remediation can be implemented by our security team, internally, or by your preferred IT service provider.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) v1.1 to provide an action-focused blueprint for security that is world-class.

A NIST CSF assessment gives you cybersecurity outcomes that cover prevention and recovery, translated into actionable language that your organisation’s stakeholders understand.


Essential 8 Security Assessments

Get a clear view of your organisations security posture with an Essential 8 security review, including:

A comprehensive review of existing technical information security controls against the ACSC Essential 8 Mitigation Strategies
A ranked Maturity Level (from 0 to 3) for each of the mitigation strategies
A report highlighting key areas of improvement, corrective actions, and estimated budgets


Application Whitelisting

Configure MS Office Macro Settings

Application Patching

User Application Hardening

Restrict Admin Privilege

Patch Operating System

Multi-Factor Authentication

Daily Backups

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

How First Focus Security Assessments Can Benefit Your Business

  • Demonstrate your capacity – Show industry regulators and c-suite stakeholders that your robust, enterprise-level approach to cybersecurity risk management and business resilience is second to none.
  • Mitigate risks – Leverage real-time visibility into cyber risks and threat exposure to deploy advanced mitigation measures across critical processes and assets.
  • Drive new efficiencies – Start gaining better results by identifying IT asset vulnerabilities to prioritise mitigation efforts based on approved risk management strategies.
  • Improve insights – Develop advanced decision-making techniques and and reduce IT risks and threats with accurate and timely insights from the first and second lines of defense

Action Security Improvements With Our Managed Security Plans

A managed security service provider (MSSP) can help take the guesswork out of finding a balance that works for you. That’s why we’ve developed a range of cybersecurity solutions that aim to give our clients a broad range of coverage. With everything from basic passages that mitigate most clear threats with automation through to fully managed cybersecurity solutions, we have the right mix of risk management and value to suit your needs.

At the same time, our services can help to control the risks associated with managing cybersecurity by offering unlimited remediation as well as eliminating the risk of key personnel loss.


S1 – Great Value Cyber Security

S1 includes services across anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam, dark web monitoring, content filtering, and the management of your MFA solution is covered within our standard plan.

S2 – Detect, Prevent, Educate

The new standard for most organisations today. S2 includes data encryption, advanced threat protection, additional anti-phishing service, regular staff training and more.

S3 – Control and Compliance

Unpatched vulnerabilities are a serious risk so our S3 plan provides for rapid patching of critical vulnerabilities within server and desktop operating systems.

S4 – Ultimate Protection

Our Advanced SOC monitors and looks for unusual patterns, connections or traffic types via both continuous network monitoring and AI-based analysis of security events.



Don’t Just Take Our
Word for it

David Abela

Finance Manager, Proximo Spirits Australia

First Focus has been helping this business with our IT needs for almost 10 years. As we have grown and gone through changes, First Focus have helped every step of the way and ensured our systems are up to date with a constantly evolving IT environment. Their service and knowledge is exceptional and their constant monitoring of our IT environment means we can all focus on our core business.

Michael Feliciano

Director of Corporate Services, Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons

When COVID hit, First Focus swiftly implemented a number of projects to improve the security and stability of our IT systems and support a remote work environment. I highly recommend First Focus to any company that wants a future-facing IT infrastructure managed by people you can trust.

Chen Chen

IT Infrastructure Manager at Australia Post FDS

As a division of Australia Post we must maintain a high level of security to protect customer data and the First Focus’ Managed network and Firewalls provide us with this. The level of support they provide for our cloud infrastructure is second to none, which is crucial to the continued day-to-day operations of our business.

Nayyar Ghaznavi

CIO at Rexel Holdings Australia

The team at First Focus have developed a strong relationship with Rexel Holdings Australia which has led to us outsourcing a number of services to them, the largest of which is the SD-WAN. The First Focus team are collaborative and engage extremely well with our team and our extended partner network to deliver quality outcomes.

Drew Auld

CIO, Nesuto Australia and New Zealand

First Focus provides excellent technical support, and I can always count on friendly and expert advice from the whole team.

Luna Lu

Executive Assistant, CI Australia PTY LTD

CI Australia started working with First Focus in 2019. We were looking for an MSP that could deliver increased service quality with pricing that matched our budget. First Focus was originally in our top three preferred providers. What really helped them stand out was their proposal – there was no over- or under-scoping – and their reputation for good people and services.

Kate Smart

Renu Energy

We are happy with First Focus' attentiveness and availability of TAMs and support techs. Their ability to identify problem areas and working to resolve in a timely manner exceeds our expectations. Although we have been faced with some on-boarding issues, First Focus have been dedicated to working with us to rectify these issues and undertaking process improvement where needed.

Philip Haines


Over the past 15 months, First Focus has steered us out of an ‘IT abyss’ and onto a path that will support our growth and development plans for future years.

Mike Wells

General Manager, Ranbury Management Group

Since we started working with First Focus, we now have a robust cloud-based ICT environment. Our team are not bound to an office and have the freedom to work effectively from anywhere. Our tech isn’t a bottleneck holding us back. Now it supports our business and our people.

Caitlin Hughes

Corporate Services Manager, Harrier Group

Our people now trust their IT. They don’t have to spend hours researching IT answers because they trust that when a call is logged it will be resolved. I’ll recommend First Focus to anyone because I know that they’ll be in good hands.

Adam Butler

Technology Manager, Redlands College

First Focus aren’t just suppliers, they think about the desired outcome and suggest the best way to overcome the problem.

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Genuine 24/7 IT Security Support

Starting early in Auckland and transitioning from the east to west coast of Australia and Manila throughout the day, receive genuine 24/7 IT security services.


Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

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