Our Commitment to the Environment

Clean, green IT doesn’t just happen. It’s a choice. Whenever possible we use technology to deliver solutions that consider the environmental impact. We’re always finding new and innovative ways to mitigate our activities’ effects on our planet and deliver net positive outcomes where possible.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Making a Difference With IT Needn’t Cost the Environment

First Focus is committed to offering premium IT services across the board. And that includes services that do not have an adverse impact on the climate. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to make our operations more sustainable. Whenever possible we use technology to deliver solutions that consider the environmental impact.

There’s always more we can do together, so if you have a suggestion – or would like to know more about working with a climate positive managed IT service provider – get in touch today.

Certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

As part of our commitment to combating climate change, First Focus is Environmental Management System ISO 14001 certified.

In line with the internationally recognised standard, our certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is externally audited on a regular basis. Each year, we strive to expand our environmental management system to take on additional initiatives.

Environmental Actions

First Focus Is Committed to:

Managing our operations in line with ISO’s environmental certifications.

Supporting remote work arrangements where possible to cut down on commuting.

Reducing e-waste for ourselves and customers by partnering with a leading IT recycler.

Offsetting beyond any remaining carbon emissions to become net climate positive.

Converting non-renewable energy consumption to renewable energy.

Replacing our petrol-operated vehicle fleet with electric vehicles.

Recycling 100% waste that can be recycled in all branch offices.

Our Environmental Partners

Our Environmental Partners

Organisations That Support Our Environmental Goals

Sustainable Choice

We’ve joined Sustainable Choice to ensure that the sustainability claims we initiate are traceable and transparent. Sustainable Choice is an independent and impartial organisation that enables third-party access to organisational sustainability claims, including roadmaps, actions, progress, and outcomes. It provides our clients and stakeholders with a trusted resource to help them make informed choices.

Carbon Neutral

We’ve teamed up with Carbon Neutral® to do more than just hit carbon neutrality. Having made every effort to reduce our emissions, Carbon Neutral allows us to complete the final step and become climate-positive, where we more than offset our contribution to greenhouse gases.

Carbon Neutral is one of Australia’s leading reforestation and carbon project developers. Founded in 2001 in response to the growing global concern of climate change, Carbon Neutral has over 20 years’ experience actively working to reduce carbon emissions.


First Focus has partnered with Shred-X to offer clients a secure and eco-friendly disposal service for outdated IT equipment. With this partnership, First Focus aims to:

Ensure no e-waste ends up in landfill
Reduce e-waste at client sites and First Focus offices
Protect customers from information security breaches when disposing of e-waste

Work With a Long-term View of IT

Like you, we want to be in business for a long time – and that means taking care of our environment as well as our clients. Let’s talk about how we can do that together.


Our Commitment to the Environment