Business Continuity Planning

Rest easy with a unique Business Continuity Plan (BCP), ensuring your business operations remain adaptable and resilient during unforeseen disruptions. From comprehensive risk assessments to tailored recovery strategies, we go beyond conventional solutions to ensure your organisation will continuously succeed.


Business Continuity Planning

Reduce Risk with Business
Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a key component of the Virtual CIO service that First Focus provides. We begin by seeking to understand the organisation, its applications, and its key functions. Once this information is gathered, then we can go to work by building a strong plan that minimises risk and ensures the business can continue to function in the event of a major outage.

Key Questions

Without their technology working, most businesses quickly grind to a halt. Consider the impact on your own business.

  • How much does 1 hour of downtime cost your organisation?
  • How long could your organisation function without core IT systems like email, telephony, software apps, internet or power loss?
Business Continuity Planning
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The Key Elements of a Successful
Business Continuity Plan

The Right Information

This stage is critical to having a successful plan. It is essential to know which applications, processes, and people need the most focus and attention.

Processes and Plans

Once the key elements are identified, plans and strategies can be created to minimize downtime and mitigate risk. Technology and process changes should be considered to minimize risk.


Have the right people respond in the right way and at the right time. Training for key personnel in early response creates confidence and ensures the business impact is minimised.

Testing and Practice

Often the missing piece to a successful strategy. Successful BCP plans have regular testing and practices for all people and items involved so team members know what to do when disaster strikes.