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We’re not focused on technology. We’re focused on you.
As a 100% privately-owned Australian mid-size business ourselves, we understand the challenges presented by growth, the need to constantly adapt, and how technology can be integrated and embedded to underpin success.

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About Us
Life at First Focus

Introducing First Focus

All-in-One Managed IT for
Mid-Sized Businesses

Our extensive range of solutions, deep experience, and nationwide coverage make First Focus the perfect one-stop provider for all of your support and technology needs.


Read over 50 client testimonials on the Cloudtango MSP directory website to see what ‘helping people use technology to make a difference’ means to organisations like yours.

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Our Promise

Our Promise

Best People

We hire the best people available from all over Australia, NZ and the Philippines, then provide them with ongoing structured training, along with the best tools, support, processes, and leadership.

Expert Advice

Our technical teams have considerable experience designing and supporting solutions across the full spectrum. You gain the benefit of balanced advice without any vendor bias.

Fast Response

We have invested in the best support tools and the best people in the market to deliver our clients the responsiveness they need – whether for a single ticket or an engineering project.

Zero Risk

First Focus works with clients to eliminate risks from technical infrastructure and support. Our flexible terms and guarantees remove commercial risks and our partnering approach removes employee and key-man risks.

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About Us

Our Values

Live Curiously

We are constantly curious. By asking curious questions, listening intently, and taking the time to clarify when we’re not sure, we know we’ll get the best result. We’re not satisfied with the status quo, creating change and innovation by asking why, and making sure we understand something before jumping in.

Always Communicate

We believe that great communication is required for success. We have the courage to not only voice our opinions openly, transparently and without politics, but also to ask for help, receive feedback and show vulnerability. We initiate difficult conversations when required, while openly sharing information and knowledge for the benefit of all.

Be the Solution

We know that solutions are not someone else’s job. When we see a problem, we initiate action, aim to solve it and own it from start to finish. We each take personal responsibility seriously, removing stucks, creating awesome solutions and holding each other accountable for our commitments.

Win Together

We create success where others fail by collaborating with our team and our customers. We know both the journey and the outcome are important, and only by working together can we be agile, smart, experienced and innovative. We believe that all agreements should be win-win, and we celebrate those wins together.

Keep it Simple

We proactively seek to simplify our work and the work of our customers. We do not accept complexity and we do more with less, making sure simplicity is part of everything we do and say. We remove hurdles, streamline processes and we work smarter not harder.

Wow the Customer

We genuinely care about our customers as people and how we can meet their needs in thoughtful and unexpected ways. We understand that “Wow” is not about meeting a target. It’s about making connections and building valuable, long-lasting commercial relationships.

Never Stop Growing

We seek opportunities to take on new challenges and new responsibilities. We believe that when we challenge and stretch ourselves, we have an opportunity to develop and improve. By remaining humble and open-minded, we know that we can all learn from everyone and every situation.

Our Environmental Commitment

climate-positive processes

Our teams work hard to make sure that our business operations have as little impact on the environment as possible. But we want to do more than implement climate-positive processes that help to improve our environment over time.

To this end, we’ve been pursuing a range of environmental initiatives that go beyond mitigation.

Our Environmental Commitment

Our Environmental Commitment


Our Commitment to Human Rights

Our Commitment to Human Rights


human rights due diligence

We are dedicated to actively participating in the long-term eradication of modern slavery.

While we are not legally obligated to comply with the legislation, First Focus voluntarily supports and upholds the principles contained in the Modern Slavery Act.

modern slavery policy

Our Commitment to Positive Change

Supporting our communities

Since 2018, we’ve been turning our customer feedback into positive change by making a donation to charity for every survey response we receive.

Visit our monthly charity page to explore the various organisations we’ve had the privilege of supporting in the past.


Our Commitment to Positive Change


Silence Your IT Noise

And Get on With Business

First Focus will enhance your productivity by streamlining technology management. Connect with us to transform your IT challenges into assets for success.

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We Help People Use Technology to Make a Difference

As a leading Managed Service Provider, First Focus provides high-quality and reliable managed IT services to help your organisation succeed with IT.

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