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Increase company-wide productivity, improve IT service availability, reduce the impact of critical IT incidents, and better align your business with digital adoption and transformation initiatives – all this and more is possible with First Focus as your trusted Melbourne Managed IT Service Provider.



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First Focus can provide you with the scalable support and IT infrastructure you need today. While guiding your digital transformation journey to modernise your business and enable innovation.

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If you want to enhance the effectiveness of your organisation, partnering with a managed services provider can offer you the support you need. At First Focus, we take a collaborative approach, taking the time to listen to your specific IT concerns and making your needs the foundation of our services. From compliance concerns to ensuring your IT is always ready to scale, we’ll work with you to ensure your technology serves your business’s goals.

We service clients in and around Melbourne CBD, Laverton, Chadstone, Narre Warren, Dandenong, and Mornington Penninsula, with field staff available across major business centres, including Ballarat, Geelong, and Albury Wodonga.

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As a leading Managed Service Provider, First Focus provides high-quality and reliable managed IT services to help your organisation succeed with IT.

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Benefits of Managed IT Services

Support IT innovation

Managed IT services gives internal IT teams the support they need to focus on growth projects.

Focus on core activities

MSPs provide the knowledge and skills required to keep business operations running smoothly.

Proactive maintenance

The preventative maintenance provided by an MSP rectifies potential problems before they can become significant issues.

Future-proofing IT

Proactive MSP support helps future-proof business operations that rely on IT by overcoming future barriers to growth.

A fresh perspective

MSPs offer an external view of the business operations, which may help identify commonly hidden bottlenecks and tech issues.

Free up resources

Working with an MSP moves the operational service burden from the client to the service provider.


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First Focus is your trusted managed service provider in Melbourne that supports a broad range of organisations right across the city. Our office is located in the centre of Melbourne CBD, giving our experienced teams convenient access throughout the city and surrounding suburbs.

We can help your business with on-site IT support quickly, with fast response times, round-the-clock remote help desk support, and comprehensive professional IT support services.


Managed IT Services

For small and medium-sized businesses with limited in-house IT staff, the growing complexity of managing business IT infrastructure can be overwhelming. Unlike ‘break-fix’ IT companies who rely on your IT infrastructure going down in order to be engaged for their services, we don’t wait for a disaster to occur. We monitor your systems and computers and proactively manage your IT infrastructure to ensure you’re always operating at peak performance.

Counting on an experienced Melbourne managed service provider such as First Focus can be the key to unlocking your business’s potential.


Bennelong Funds Management has partnered with First Focus for a number of years and has experienced a consistently high level of professionalism and service.

– Russell Close, Head of IT at Bennelong Funds Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Managed IT services are as they sound – a set of IT services is controlled and operated by a third party. As the client, you define a selection of tasks and responsibilities that you would otherwise have to perform in-house and outsource these to your chosen provider. With managed IT services, an MSP provides professional IT support. This can take the form of managing and maintaining IT infrastructure or providing help-desk solutions to internal staff. Other MSPs offer more proactive services, including planning solutions, professional consulting, and recruitment.

Traditional IT support operates on a break/fix model. If something breaks, you take fix the issue, and perform a little maintenance along the way to keep things running. This operational IT model works well with businesses running smaller IT operations that service a limited number of users. Capital costs can be higher up front, but once the solutions are in place it’s just a matter of maintaining them and keeping enough in the budget for upkeep and repairs. A managed IT service works alongside your organisation on a long-term basis. The provider takes on the responsibility for actively managing a set of services, ensuring they add value to the organisation. The MSP provides access to expertise and staffing capacity that you might otherwise be out of reach. Over time, the MSP becomes an integral part of normal business operations.

With a traditional outsourcing model, your organisation might reaches out to a service provider when there is a project – or a problem – that requires external expertise. There is little to no incentive for the outsourcer to offer proactive maintenance – as this could potentially remove the need for their expertise in the future. Managed IT services offer value because their business model moves the operational service burden from the client to the service provider. The more issues you encounter, the more resources your MSP needs to use. Conversely, when the MSP puts more time and effort into ensuring you have a smooth-running IT environment, the fewer issues occur. Thus, both you and you managed IT service provider share aligned values – both want a problem-free IT environment that enhances efficiencies.


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First Focus offers end-to-end IT solutions, from IT helpdesk and support, procurement, and applications management to bespoke professional services such as IT Strategic planning and vCIO solutions.

Our 18 years of partnering with mid-size organisations have led us to develop and continually refine world-class processes that maximises value for money and customer satisfaction. First Focus has the experience and capacity to deliver comprehensive managed services, support, and technology for SMB to Enterprise organisations.


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Our unique approach removes risk from you, while ensuring on-going customer satisfaction via:

  • No lock-in contacts
  • No sales commissions
  • Nationwide coverage
  • World-class systems
  • Complete range of solutions

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Our Process & Our People

The measurable difference between managed service providers is the maturity of the support processes and the capability of their people. Our overall business model is simple yet incredibly powerful, with the net result being a world-class customer service experience.

We recruit our technicians based on values, not based on technical skill alone. We can teach technical skills, but it’s much harder to teach a customer service ethic, teamwork, and integrity.

Our service desk and engineering teams are distributed across all Australian states, New Zealand and Manila, allowing us to recruit from a broad talent pool.

We have invested in the best remote support and administration software available, carrier-grade network monitoring software, and the best ticketing software – the right tools pay significant dividends in capability and efficiency.

We continually train and re-certify our staff. We build ongoing certification incentives into our employment contracts. We provide internal promotion opportunities to ensure the best teams are retained, challenged, and developed.

We have implemented real-time feedback systems to track, measure and reward high end-user satisfaction.

All our critical metrics are monitored and displayed transparently on screens around our offices. We immediately know when there is a problem, and we react efficiently and effectively.

We have a transparent management process based on continual staff and customer feedback, with built-in procedures to ensure execution against our internal development priorities.