Offshore Staff Outsourcing

Experience the synergy of cost-effective talent and a tailored approach to outsourcing that propels your business towards success. Embrace the future of global collaboration with offshore outsourcing.

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Offshore Staff Outsourcing

Discover cost-effective talent with offshore outsourcing

With increasing wage costs, challenges finding great people and a shift towards working from home, broadening your search into other locations is an increasingly viable alternative.

First Focus embarked on its journey in Manila back in 2016, driven by the realization of a significant gap in the market for top-notch offshore services. Our own experience of adding staff in the Philippines inspired us to pioneer a new approach in the industry.

While most offshore providers primarily focus on offering low-cost staff, we dare to be different. We firmly believe in investing time and effort to acquire the very best individuals, who possess exceptional communication skills combined with the precise competencies required for each role.

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What Makes Us Different

While most offshore providers focus on providing low-cost staff, our strategy is different.
We take the time to find the best people, focusing on a combination of great communications skills coupled with the competencies the role demands.

Offshore Staff Outsourcing

Why Outsource Offshore with First Focus?

1. Access the best talent in the Philippines

We find the best people, focusing on a combination of great communications skills and the competencies the role demands. We attract the best people thanks to the fantastic working culture we have built and the better than market package and benefits on offer.

2. Simple Commercial Model

We take care of the hard stuff to make it simple for you. All administration, compliance and legal are handled by First Focus, so you don’t have to worry about navigating complex HR and compliance legislation.

3. Manage staff your way

You’re in control of your workforce. Manage your own staff in the Philippines with the support of our capable local leadership team who is empowered to make all necessary decisions.

4. Cost-Effective Talent

Access great talent that is also cost-effective. Our Manila outsourcing service allows you to add extra skills or capacity and achieve significant cost savings compared to hiring equivalent onshore employees.

Offshore Staff Outsourcing

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We have had an excellent experience partnering with First Focus for over 3 years now, most especially with a recent switch of our service desk to the Manila team. Which we have found to provide outstanding service and a fantastic customer experience, whilst also lowering our IT spend.

Annelise Price, Associate Director, Bellwether

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Recruitment & HR

Support & Service Delivery

Project Management

  • We hire great people! We focus on communication competence coupled with great skills in the role, and make these key selection criteria
  • We have done this before! We have built our own team from 1 person in 2016 to over 80 today, with a growing number of clients finding great people through us too.
  • We have a capable and experienced local leadership team, empowered to make necessary decisions and to be the advocate of the employer
  • We understand the complexities of Philippines recruitment, onboarding and employment and can make it simple for you
  • We have recruiters in both Australia and the Philippines who work on Offshore recruitment ensuring that both local knowledge and Australian needs are reflected in the candidates we present

  • Hiring the right person can sometimes take as little as 6 weeks from when we start looking to the candidates first day, but more often takes a little longer. Finding the best people takes time!
  • All suitable and fully vetted candidates will be presented to the client for an interview

This can happen for any number of reasons but the most common are:

  • Poor quality of their work or low productivity: even though our process is designed to ensure you interview the best, people are complex and hiring is an imperfect science. We work closely with our clients to follow a structured performance improvement process to address performance issues
  • Culture fit with the organization/values alignment: we rely on customers to assist us in matching suitable employees to their culture and work hard to eliminate any clashes in the recruitment process
  • Redundancy: if the client elects to make the role redundant, legislated redundancy payments will apply, typically 4 weeks’ notice in the first year and scaling up from there. Fixed contract terms are also available but should be decided up front to avoid unnecessary redundancy costs
  • Employee resigns: if the employee resigns within 6 months of being hired, we will replace them for no additional recruitment cost

  • Employees undergo a mandatory induction into First Focus before being available to take on a client role. This typically takes anything from a few days to 1 week, depending on the role
  • Our onboarding includes an induction to our values, policies, expectations and benefits. This includes things like our expectations around communication and time sheeting

  • There is a mandatory 6-month probation period (referred to as regularisation in the Philippines)
  • If an employee fails to perform to the required standard, termination of the staff member’s employment can be given with a 2 week notice period
  • Regularised employees are required to be given one months notice under normal circumstances