First Focus Has Acquired Rock IT

On the 1st December, 2023, Rock IT was acquired by First Focus, Australia’s #1 Rated Managed Service Provider for 6 years running (2018-2023).

First Focus Has Acquired Rock IT
First Focus Has Acquired Rock IT

What does this mean for you?

No immediate changes will be apparent to you or your team. Over the coming months, your IT support services will be transitioned to First Focus, but for now you will continue to work with the familiar faces of the Rock IT team as all our full time staff (other than Nik Devidas and Lucas Hofmann) will move across to First Focus.

Phone numbers and emails will continue working as before to ensure there is no interruption of service to your users.

Our team looks forward to continuing to deliver great IT outcomes for your business and is excited to continue our journey with the First Focus team.

What’s next?

In the coming weeks, you’ll receive more information, outlining our joint plans moving forward. Rest assured, the same familiar faces you’ve known at Rock IT will be actively involved in guiding you through this exciting new chapter.

Lucas Hofmann and Nik Devidas the co-founders of Rock IT, have embarked on a new venture: 4walls Cyber Advisory, a name you might already be familiar with. The company will focus on cyber assessments, education and assurance, bringing their expertise and commitment to this crucial field.


Who is First Focus?

First Focus has a lot in common with Rock IT, namely a long operational history (20+ years) and an award winning pedigree. But, First Focus also has more than 300 staff, office locations throughout Australia (and overseas), and has the ability to take your IT experience to the next level with the increased capability that comes with this scale.

Established in 2003, First Focus is a privately-owned company and Australia’s #1 Rated Managed Service Provider (2018-2023). With a combined team of over 300 people across Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, our expertise covers the full range of services across 24×7 IT support, security, cloud, connectivity, communications and more. Our promise to you is that we have the best people, provide expert advice, deliver a fast response, and work towards zero risk, both technically and commercially.

First Focus Has Acquired Rock IT
Our Promise

Our Promise

Best People

We hire the best people available from all over Australia, NZ and the Philippines, then provide them with ongoing structured training, along with the best tools, support, processes, and leadership.

Expert Advice

Our technical teams have considerable experience designing and supporting solutions across the full spectrum. You gain the benefit of balanced advice without any vendor bias.

Fast Response

We have invested in the best support tools and the best people in the market to deliver our clients the responsiveness they need – whether for a single ticket or an engineering project.

Zero Risk

First Focus works with clients to eliminate risks from technical infrastructure and support. Our flexible terms and guarantees remove commercial risks and our partnering approach removes employee and key-man risks.