21 April 2019

13 Reasons to Outsource your IT

13 Reasons to Outsource your IT

If you’ve never outsourced your IT using a managed IT service provider, here are the reasons why you should be considering it today.

There is no better time to look at your business’s ICT capability than now. Over the past ten years, the adoption of cloud technology has become the accepted standard across almost every industry – with proven security, stability and flexibility to help you grow your business and stay one step ahead of your competitors

1. Access to Industry Specialists

Let’s face it, employing IT specialists in Australia is a very costly process, and they can be difficult to find due to industry-wise staffing shortages. It’s often hard to justify the need at a full-time capacity unless they are multi-skilled and therefore are typically more generalist than specialist. Outsourced IT providers can provide the very best IT consultants and technical specialists, with expertise in technologies such as Microsoft 365, Cisco, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and much more to get the job done quickly and correctly for only the hours they are actually needed.

2. Proactive IT Monitoring

Too often, businesses are reactive to issues with their IT infrastructure, meaning that they are not taking sufficient preventative measures to avoid major incidents. Managed IT providers operate extensive monitoring and maintenance programs using the best tools available. They spread the costs across all their clients making these tools affordable for smaller businesses that would never have been able to justify the cost if they were implementing it in their own business.

3. Access the latest Technologies and Expertise

Managed IT providers are constantly researching the latest and greatest technologies, seeking opportunities to add value and reduce costs for their clients. Their staff are typically industry experts who understand how and when to integrate these into their service offering and which clients would get the best outcomes from implementing them.

4. Access low cost, full spectrum Infrastructure Services

Moving to an outsourced IT model will open the doors to a wide set of options for managing IT applications in your business. This includes private and hybrid cloud infrastructure, managed disaster recovery solutions, flexible co-location and data centre services with the ability to switch from one to the other at any time, without the investment required in your own hardware and IT specialists.

5. Continuous Hardware Refresh

Hosting your own infrastructure hardware needs continuous maintenance and has a limited life-span, needing significant investment for replacement every few years to keep up with latest technologies and prevent risk of device failure. Whether it’s a public, private or near-cloud solution you are seeking for your managed services, the maintenance responsibilities and capital investment costs are placed on the service provider, with none of the risks or hassle to you, all for a low-cost fixed monthly fee.

6. 24 x 7 Support

Having access to IT support when you need it is critical for most businesses, but the cost of providing a 24 x 7 service by an Australian Service Desk, including all of the escalation points is often completely prohibitive without the use of outsourced IT providers.

7. Productivity and Efficiency

Time is money for IT Outsourcing providers so they ensure that their staff are resolving issues as quickly and efficiently as possible which means better service and better outcomes for the customer.

8. No Training Costs

With IT Outsourcing, the responsibility lies with the service provider to ensure that all their staff keep up to date with certifications. However, their staff also gain extensive practical experience across every variety of situation to produce some of the best engineers in the business.

9. Compliance and Security

While you are sleeping, hackers are finding more and more sophisticated ways to gain access to the information they are seeking. You can rest easy, knowing that outsourced IT security specialists, who use the best in breed of solutions to monitor and protect their clients, can seek out vulnerabilities before they can be leveraged and locking them down immediately.

10. Quality Service Procedures and Reporting

Managed IT providers deal with thousands of incidents every day across clients operating in every type of industry. They have defined procedures to deliver the best service to their clients and measure their success with dashboards, reporting and monitoring of customer satisfaction rates.

11. Only pay for what you use

Why pay for an entire VMWare Solution onsite with all the bells and whistles when you only need to run a handful of servers to support your business? Paying a monthly subscription for a cloud-based environment is not only more cost-effective, it has better redundancy and the flexibility to grow as your business grows.

12. Flexible Architecture

As your needs change, you can add and remove environments, perform a cloud server migration, integrate with cloud applications, adjust your support agreements, change over devices and much more without a significant cost to your business.

13. Focus on the important stuff

Knowing that your IT environment is in safe hands allows you to focus on making strategic IT decisions to support business goals, grow your business and achieve more with the right tools for your trade.