18 August 2021

First Focus Top Ten Ranking in ‘Best Places To Work’ Study

First Focus Top Ten Ranking in ‘Best Places To Work’ Study

A recent benchmarking study into the efforts of organisations to build a positive workplace culture has listed First Focus as one of the best places to work in Australia, with a ranking in the Top Ten for businesses employing over 100 people.

The “Best Places to Work” study is run by WRK+ and aims to help Australian-based employers better understand their unique employer branding and engagement metrics.

While the study does recognise those employers that stand out to potential employees, WRK+ states that the study is not a competition. Instead, it is a benchmarking tool that takes into account 14 years of research into Australian workplaces and employees.

CEO of First Focus Ross Sardi says that the award recognises the hard work everyone put into the company culture.

“We are very excited that First Focus has been recognised as one of the ‘Best Places to Work’ in Australia,” says Sardi

When I get asked about what makes First Focus unique, I always talk about how alive our values are within the organisation and that our promise to customers is that we have the best people, and I strongly believe that we do.

Workplace culture and employee engagement

The study comprises two parts – a submission on cultural insights and an employee engagement survey.

The workplace culture section focuses on the efforts made by the organisation that directly impact employee engagement. This section analyses nine areas of policy and practice that it identifies as being key to organisational culture.

The employee engagement survey aims to analyse the impact these various initiatives have had on the employees regarding their experience of their organisations’ culture. All survey submissions were anonymous, encouraging honest and direct feedback for the study.

Sardi continues: “To all of our staff in homes and offices around the country, thank you for making First Focus one of the best places to work.”