6 March 2020

Stories from Women in Tech – Sara Hakami

Stories from Women in Tech – Sara Hakami

My name is Sara Hakami and I provide technical support for IT infrastructure at First Focus. I very much enjoy helping others with technology, either to help them use it more knowledgeably or to help them choose the right tools based on their needs.

I was very curious as a child and was eager to know how the cool things around us work the way they work. Specifically when I was a teenager, I was mesmerised by mobile phone technology when my parents bought a few for their business to get used in the field, I thought magic does exist and this is it.

My dad is a mechanical engineer and my mom is an accountant, and both have nourished and encouraged my sense of curiosity which resulted in me choosing to study engineering. I learned a lot about all the magical things working around us and I am very happy with the path that I have consciously chosen. I would choose the same path if I ever become a teenager again.
It was a natural transition from engineering into the IT industry as I love helping others.

The IT industry is where so many cool technologies come together to create the sophisticated tools that we use every day.

My in depth knowledge of technology not only satisfies my sense of curiosity on a daily basis but has also made me so much more capable and brought me a sense of confidence which is quite differentiating.

Parents can play a critical role in encouraging their daughters to dream out of the box and pursue those dreams through all the difficulties that it entails.

Their role is essential in guiding their child’s interest and also to provide the right environment for them to be able to focus and to stay focused over time. Good mentors and teachers are just as important and can help a lot in optimising one’s effort in achieving a desirable goal.

As women we should understand that every day that we stand strong in our roles in the society, we are making a positive impact. Businesses have realised that equality and diversity help maintain a balanced and healthy environment and can unlock unique business opportunities that wouldn’t be achievable otherwise.