Copilot Readiness Assessment

Ensure your business is prepared to securely and responsibly leverage the full capabilities of Microsoft Copilot


Copilot Readiness Assessment
Copilot Readiness Assessment

Get Ready for Copilot

Copilot aims to boost productivity and efficiency across various aspects of your work environment, making it an invaluable asset for any team or organisation looking to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world. However, while the benefits of integrating Copilot into your workflow are manifold, it is crucial to approach its implementation with a degree of caution. Potential risks to your security and privacy are important considerations that cannot be overlooked.

Do you fully understand how Copilot could potentially impact your work environment?

What to Expect

Recognising that every business has it’s own unique dynamics, our assessment begins with a deep dive into the specificities of your organisational structure, operational workflows, and strategic objectives.

Building on this, we also pinpoint key areas where AI can provide the most value – whether it’s streamlining administrative tasks to enhancing decision-making processes. Furthermore, we put a strong emphasis on security and privacy considerations, including advice on best practices for data encryption and access control.

Copilot Readiness Assessment

Key Deliverables

By participating in our Copilot Readiness Assessment, your business will be equipped with a strategic plan that not only identifies the optimal areas for AI integration but also addresses the critical aspects of security and privacy.

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Data Security Enhancement Plan

An analysis of your current data management and security protocols, with detailed recommendations aimed at remediating any identified risks or vulnerabilities.

Change Management & Training Framework:

Change management recommendations plus in-depth Copilot training for your team members.

Technology Gap Analysis & Feature Optimisation

Identify gaps and leverage current M365 licensing to enable the most impactful Copilot features.

Future Readiness & Best Practice Guide

A clear integration plan with best practices for effective use while maintaining data and privacy standards.

Business Value & Readiness Assessment

Identify key use cases and requirements to maximise ROI, ensuring alignment with your business objectives.

Adoption Roadmap & Security Readiness Plan

A detailed roadmap plus assessment of your security vulnerabilities, technical requirements, and how your data is managed.

Your Steps to
Copilot Readiness

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Discovery Analysis & Evaluation

Understand the unique dynamics of your business and the current state of data, technology, and personnel. This involves discussions to understand business objectives, workflows and challenges, a review of current data security protocols and vulnerabilities, and an assessment of existing Microsoft 365 licensing and technology infrastructure.

Strategic Analysis & Planning

This stage involves performing a business value assessment to identify key use cases and requirements to maximise ROI, creating a change management and training framework to support successful integration across your teams, and outlining technical and data security prerequisites to ensure a secure and effective Copilot deployment.

Security and Privacy Planning

Recommendations for upgrading data security measures, focussed on mitigating identified risks and vulnerabilities in preparation for deployment. This involves an examination of current data mapping and management practices, adjusting user permissions to ensure access is appropriately restricted, and establishing guidelines to maintain privacy.

Roadmap & Implementation Plan

Our team will deliver a readiness report with detailed recommendations for data security, technology optimisation, and AI integration strategies. We will also provide a clear adoption roadmap outlining specific steps and responsibilities for successful implementation, and offer guidance and support to assist with monitoring and optimisation post-deployment.

Copilot Readiness Assessment

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As a Microsoft Modern Workplace Partner, our team of M365 consultants are poised to help you achieve a seamless deployment experience while securing your workflow enhancements with Microsoft Copilot.

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Unlock Copilot’s Potential

Deep dive into the features and real world applications of Copilot. Join Mia Tait, the Microsoft 365 Practice Lead at First Focus, to discover all things Microsoft Copilot, covering the recent changes to licensing availability and costs, the features on offer, and real world use cases.

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Copilot Readiness Assessment