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Collaboration when and wherever you need it

Collaboration today means allowing the right people to get access to the information they need, when and wherever they need to. Teams are increasingly distributed, working in different locations and time zones. Yet they all need access to the same data and knowledge.

There are many technology platforms designed to enable collaboration, with Microsoft Teams and Slack being two of our favourites. Unlike software from 10 years ago, these Software-as-a-Service platforms are incredibly simple to start using. But the real benefit comes from how they are used and embedded within the business. This is where First Focus can help.

Which Collaboration tool is right for your Organisation?


Both Microsoft Teams and Slack combine functions such as:

  • Instant messaging
  • Audio and video calling
  • Screen sharing
  • Document sharing

Teams and Slack integrate with a huge number of applications. Teams takes this further by combining all the features of Office 365 into a single platform.

Using Teams for collaboration, together with Office 365, provides co-authoring of documents and video conferencing. Plus all of the benefits of apps and services including Yammer, Planner, OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

Work Together Seamlessly

Let First Focus help you select and embed the right Collaboration tools for your organisation.

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Collaboration Considerations

Like any complex software application, there are many things to consider when rolling out a communications platform such as Teams or Slack.  Permissions, site structure, user training, access and security, document management, desktop applications, performance, auditing and governance, backup and disaster recovery, data migration – all need to be implemented correctly.

Our experts will ensure that your organisation can make the most of your collaboration platform, by setting it up correctly and training staff in its use.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a standard requirement of most modern offices, especially those with branch offices or staff working remotely.  First Focus can provide your complete Video Conferencing solution including:

  • Software selection e.g. Microsoft Teams, Skype For Business, Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting
  • Hardware procurement including TVs, conferencing devices, cameras, room controllers; organise electrical and cabling works
  • Setup and configuration of hardware/software, integration with existing voice and collaboration tools
  • Network management e.g. QoS
  • User training