15 January 2024

First Focus Named Top Australian MSP Five Years in a Row

First Focus Named Top Australian MSP Five Years in a Row

Cloudtango released the details of its MSP Select Australia 2022 awards, naming First Focus as the leading MSP in Australia. The awards started in 2017 and currently involve the comprehensive screening and assessment of thousands of MSPs across the globe.

Jordi Vilanova, founder and managing director at Cloudtango, congratulated First Focus for “an incredible journey”.

Vilanova explained: “With the world becoming more digital, a high standard of IT services is ever more critical for businesses to stay competitive. With this in mind, we selected First Focus due to its strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.”

Every year, we introduce new parameters and evolve the selection process, and no matter, First Focus is always overperforming.

Now in its eighth year, the process behind the Cloudtango MSP Select Australia awards involved reviewing over 200 different types of certifications from a total of 93 vendors, in addition to case studies, client endorsements, and “up to eight years” of data.

The awards highlight technical excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction provided by the Australian MSP industry serving small and medium-sized organisations.

The review site explains that in 2022, its technical analysis focused on “cybersecurity, support, infrastructure, and cloud services” – all areas that First Focus aims to excel at.

The MSPs included in the top 50 reflected: “a track record of successfully delivering innovative IT solutions while exceeding customer expectations.”

First Focus CEO Ross Sardi said: “It’s a real privilege for the whole team to be recognised by achieving the number-one ranking on Cloudtango for the fifth year in a row.”

This award reflects our focus on and dedication to technical excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

“I would like to thank our clients for the glowing testimonials they provided over the last twelve months. We aim to keep innovating and delivering excellence across our full range of support, infrastructure, cloud, and cybersecurity services,” added Sardi.

Founded in 2014, Cloudtango is the world’s largest independent MSP directory, offering a professional ranking of the top-performing MSPs worldwide, with analysis focused on cybersecurity, support, infrastructure and cloud services.

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