18 January 2024

First Focus receives inaugural ConnectWise partnership award

First Focus receives inaugural ConnectWise partnership award

First Focus is proud to accept the ConnectWise All In Partner of the Year (Australia) at the IT Nation event in 2022.

Held in Orlando, Florida, USA, by ConnectWise, The IT Nation is a premier thought-leadership conference for technology solution providers worldwide to promote education, inspiration, and networking in the broader technical solutions community.

The WISE Awards aim to recognise ConnectWise partners achieving ambitious visions of success using the foundation of ConnectWise products, services, and community.

The award is presented to the partner company that strategically uses the most comprehensive ConnectWise solutions and services portfolio.

CEO of First Focus Ross Sardi said: “It’s a real privilege to be recognised by ConnectWise, especially at an event like IT Nation Connect in front of thousands of attendees from MSPs and vendors around the globe.”

It has been our deliberate strategy to build our business around the ConnectWise ecosystem and then leverage the software to its full extent.

“Having a software and data-driven organisation enables us to make better, faster decisions and best serve our clients.”

The award’s goal is “to creatively use technology to do extraordinary things for your customers and communities.” This goal fits in with the motto of First Focus: help people use technology to make a difference.

First Focus received the award for its deep integration with the ConnectWise Suite – utilising a wide range of ConnectWise solutions in its daily operations.

About IT Nation

The IT Nation event offers a range of conferences on tech-related topics, in-depth product training on ConnectWise solutions, and community-based events designed to help attendees engage with their fellow IT Nation members.

ConnectWise is an IT service provider that helps TSPs like First Focus track client needs, monitor projects, and organise business processes.

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