18 January 2024

First Focus upgrades 24×7 IT helpdesk services

First Focus upgrades 24×7 IT helpdesk services

First Focus is pleased to announce that its 24×7 helpdesk service has been upgraded.

While forward-thinking businesses allow room for exceptions and may occasionally operate outside the standard 9-to-5, many other organisations go beyond extended hours. They may have employees active on night shifts, or they might have teams in locations outside Australia. And others might operate around the clock – especially businesses that allow online shopping – and must ensure their IT investments remain operational at all times.

For this reason, First Focus has expanded its 24×7 IT helpdesk.

Featuring experienced staff across Australia and in time zones around the globe, clients can continue working outside of traditional business hours, knowing that professional IT help is just a phone call away.

What’s the difference between extended hours and 24×7 support?

In most cases, on-call IT support matches standard office hours, with a few key staff available outside the traditional 9-to-5.

Extended-hours support may offer support using a shift arrangement, or a follow-the-sun model delivers out-of-hours support. This arrangement benefits national organisations when operations frequently take place across national time zones.

However, if you genuinely need to ensure your operations are supported outside of regular working hours, a 24×7 IT support model makes sense, with a fully-staffed service desk available at all times.

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With professional help available at all hours, organisations can dedicate resources to operations beyond the local 9-5 window, knowing they have support on hand.

No more on-call fees. No more late-night calls, hoping someone picks up. Just peace of mind that comes from knowing you can access professional IT support whenever you need it.

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