18 January 2024

First Focus unveils Power BI consulting and development services

First Focus unveils Power BI consulting and development services

First Focus is pleased to announce its enhanced Power BI consulting and development solutions and a range of professional training services.

The enhanced service offering helps organisations better view their operations with professional insight development services that include service set-up and security configuration, data extraction and transformation, reports development and dashboard customisation.

The Power BI development service gives clients access to an expert in Power BI to develop and deploy custom Power BI environments, going beyond what’s in the box to meet organisational needs.

When clients choose to take ownership of their data in-house, the Power BI user training services help turn everyday users into Power BI superstars.

What makes Power BI so special?

Power BI combines business analytics and data visualisation tools to let organisations analyse raw data and share actionable reports using a cloud-based application. However, this often-overlooked program can offer more value than might first be apparent.

Where most business intelligence tools focus on the visualisation of data, what sets Power BI apart from other data analytics tools is its data discovery and data modelling features. They are more robust, giving users an enhanced ability to manipulate raw data and transform it into actionable insights.

These are just some of the reasons that Power BI has become so popular – and is also why First Focus has chosen to offer a combined approach to supporting this solution.

Organisations can also get peace of mind with professional user acceptance testing (UAT) to identify potential issues before full deployment – not to mention professional training in Power BI to upskill key team members from Power BI champions into super-users.

While the end game of any business intelligence deployment is to set your organisation up to generate valuable insights, the post-deployment support you receive helps ensure that you can make use of your investment by integrating its features into your everyday workflows. That’s why our services include training on updating and automating existing reporting routines, as well as adding row-level security to both new and existing reports.


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