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Business Grade Internet Service

Get the internet service that’s right for you. Choose from our mix of Fibre, Ethernet-over-Copper, NBN, Microwave, Fixed Wireless, 4G, and ADSL products.

Additional benefits include multi-carrier failover and diverse multi-homed internet pathways. Plus peering on the world’s largest carrier-neutral network, the Equinix Internet Exchange.


Internet You Can Depend On

First Focus is a business-only ISP with expertise in the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of complex multi-carrier WAN solutions.

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Network Monitoring

All First Focus internet services are backed by our award-winning SolarWinds NPM software. SolarWinds continually receives diagnostic and controls information from your internet links, routers, firewalls, switches, servers, and other network devices. The platform has been developed with customised monitoring and alerting profiles and has been designed to receive and retain a large amount of Netflow data.

Rapid Response to Alerts

Alerts from SolarWinds are automatically raised in our service management platform and displayed on dashboards in our Network Operations Centre. The alerts advise our support staff about any critical faults so they can take immediate action.  The data allows us to rapidly diagnose and resolve even the most complex of networking problems, to keep your internet up and running.