Device Management

There are many ways to manage end user devices in the modern workplace, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Autopilot, Microsoft Intune, and more. Contact us to get started on deploying and maintaining and Standard Operating Environment.

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Device Management
Device Management

Modern Device Management

There are many ways to manage end user devices in the modern workplace. While a traditional Standard Operating Environment (SOE) still has its place, an increasing number of organisations are looking to leverage the capabilities of the Azure platform to modernise the device management of their end-user computing environment.

Microsoft Autopilot

Microsoft Autopilot and Windows 10 lets you provide zero-touch deployment for users, reducing the effort on IT teams to roll out a traditional SOE. Individual applications are packaged and deployed via Intune, customised for the specific staff member. All an end user needs are their credentials and an internet connection!

Device Management
Device Management

Microsoft Intune

Intune lets BYOD organisations deploy applications, without joining a computer to the domain and becoming a fully managed device. You can easily roll out business applications and ensure all devices joining a network have the right security. Give staff the flexibility they want while controlling software versions, licensing, security and central access.

Standard Operating Environment

First Focus can help your organisation create, deploy and maintain an SOE. Creating an SOE usually involves building an image with a standard operating system and set of applications, testing with a pilot group and then rolling out to all devices on the network.

Our staging facilities and team of national field service technicians are available for large rollouts of new devices. An SOE can also be deployed on-premise using customer infrastructure.

Device Management


Don’t Just Take Our
Word for it

David Abela

Finance Manager, Proximo Spirits Australia

First Focus has been helping this business with our IT needs for almost 10 years. As we have grown and gone through changes, First Focus have helped every step of the way and ensured our systems are up to date with a constantly evolving IT environment. Their service and knowledge is exceptional and their constant monitoring of our IT environment means we can all focus on our core business.

Michael Feliciano

Director of Corporate Services, Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons

When COVID hit, First Focus swiftly implemented a number of projects to improve the security and stability of our IT systems and support a remote work environment. I highly recommend First Focus to any company that wants a future-facing IT infrastructure managed by people you can trust.

Chen Chen

IT Infrastructure Manager at Australia Post FDS

As a division of Australia Post we must maintain a high level of security to protect customer data and the First Focus’ Managed network and Firewalls provide us with this. The level of support they provide for our cloud infrastructure is second to none, which is crucial to the continued day-to-day operations of our business.

Nayyar Ghaznavi

CIO at Rexel Holdings Australia

The team at First Focus have developed a strong relationship with Rexel Holdings Australia which has led to us outsourcing a number of services to them, the largest of which is the SD-WAN. The First Focus team are collaborative and engage extremely well with our team and our extended partner network to deliver quality outcomes.

Drew Auld

CIO, Nesuto Australia and New Zealand

First Focus provides excellent technical support, and I can always count on friendly and expert advice from the whole team.

Luna Lu

Executive Assistant, CI Australia PTY LTD

CI Australia started working with First Focus in 2019. We were looking for an MSP that could deliver increased service quality with pricing that matched our budget. First Focus was originally in our top three preferred providers. What really helped them stand out was their proposal – there was no over- or under-scoping – and their reputation for good people and services.

Kate Smart

Renu Energy

We are happy with First Focus' attentiveness and availability of TAMs and support techs. Their ability to identify problem areas and working to resolve in a timely manner exceeds our expectations. Although we have been faced with some on-boarding issues, First Focus have been dedicated to working with us to rectify these issues and undertaking process improvement where needed.

Philip Haines


Over the past 15 months, First Focus has steered us out of an ‘IT abyss’ and onto a path that will support our growth and development plans for future years.

Mike Wells

General Manager, Ranbury Management Group

Since we started working with First Focus, we now have a robust cloud-based ICT environment. Our team are not bound to an office and have the freedom to work effectively from anywhere. Our tech isn’t a bottleneck holding us back. Now it supports our business and our people.

Caitlin Hughes

Corporate Services Manager, Harrier Group

Our people now trust their IT. They don’t have to spend hours researching IT answers because they trust that when a call is logged it will be resolved. I’ll recommend First Focus to anyone because I know that they’ll be in good hands.

Adam Butler

Technology Manager, Redlands College

First Focus aren’t just suppliers, they think about the desired outcome and suggest the best way to overcome the problem.

Device Management

For the Modern Workplace

After an initial SOE is built we will ensure it’s maintained for Windows and application updates, newer hardware models and drivers. Today, with Azure Active Directory, Intune and Autopilot, we usually recommend a more agile, cloud-based approach. This saves the need for onsite storage, allows devices to be deployed more easily in any location, and reduces the maintenance of a “golden image”.


Device Management